Keeping it in the Family !

I had left this blog as a draft for a couple of months, mainly because we are busy with other projects, but with what has happened in the UK recently I thought this would be a good time to get it finished and published as its kind of appropriate (sort of)

Beard Juice the Beginings

Since launching Beard Juice in November 2015, it has been full of challenges, obstacles, legislation, more legislation, lots of goog’lin, and loads of laughs. Having been self employed for well over a decade now, I am well versed in sourcing products from the UK and abroad for many of the business ventures I have had over the years.  On occasions I have sourced products further afield, mainly China, and on most occasions this completed without a problem. But on a couple of occasions it failed on epic proportions. Learning from these failed attempts I adapted the way I trade with China, and whenever possible will always source products from within the UK, its much quicker to jump in the car and resolve any issues if the company is UK based, not so easy if they are in China.

So I made a promise to keep my business partners British for everything Beard Juice, whenever and wherever possible. Be it labels for the oil bottles, the cardboard tube packaging, engraving, tissue paper, t shirts and more. Now of course the oils themselves are not all British, simply because most of the essential oils and carrier oils are not made in the UK due to our glorious climate!  The point is, if I can source 10,000 oil bottles from China and the same bottles can be manufactured in the UK but are 5 pence more expensive per bottle, the UK will be my supplier. With all the worry, fear and uncertainty surrounding the future of the UK, keeping it British is the way to go.

This brings me nicely on to some of our current suppliers.


It took me a good few weeks to finally find LaserFlair. Based in Scotland, owner Jane really does go out of her way to try and get the results we need. They currently engrave our scissors and gift boxes along with some other new lines we have lined up for the future.  If you ever require a product engraving or laser cut LaserFlair should be your first port of call.

Laserflair engraving and laser cutting

Superfast Labels

Being a small start up its always difficult to order certain products in small quantities, and being that we only produce our oils and balms in small batches we don’t require tens of thousands of labels. The team at Superfast are an amazing bunch and like to work with local businesses to help them grow. I can not recommend Supefast enough as they have helped us out so much with our labels and designs

superfast labels

Jon Rayfield

I have known Jon for a few years now and he is one talented bearded human. Able to put his hand to anything, he is a master with the paint brush as he is with a chisel or kiln. We came up with an idea to design a beard comb made from recycled metal, namely Aluminium. Doing our little bit for the environment along with making some totally unique one of a kind heavy duty beard combs. Each comb is ‘Imperfect Perfection’ will last a lifetime, and to be honest is very cool. I hope to work with Jon on many projects over the years, and hopefully we can help raise his profile and become the famous artist he so much deserves.

In summary I have made great alliances with independent companies and individuals across the entire UK and plan on making new alliances as the Beard Juice Brand grows and evolves. The beauty of the web is you can find virtually anything and anyone on planet earth, but usually they are on your doorstep and a phone call away.

Long live British Industry whatever union she is in or not.