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  Specifically designed to improve the look, feel and health of beard and skin

All Natural

We took it upon ourselves to produce our own products, ensuring the quality and content, and after many many MANY months of testing, we believe we have come up with a premium beard oil range, that is tailored for a man who wants the best.

There are a LOT of products out there that contain lots of natural goodness, and are then ruined with fake synthetic scents. This is not the Beard Juice way. Our Beard Oils, Balms, Waxes, in fact ALL our products contain 100% natural and organic oils. The scent is purely made from a fine blend of essential oils. If sticky toffee, candy floss or some other toxic synthetic scent is your thing sorry Beard Juice is not for you. We take pride in our products, and greater pride in them being hand made in Kent England. Every batch is low quantity and very high quality. We only make what we need, when its needed.

Moving Forward

We have no desire of dominating the market and accept there are other brands which many people will prefer, after all, beard oil is all about personal preference. We just want to share our products with like minded Gents who want something that is just that little bit better. But we are a business, and to grow we need to be forward thinking and diverse, which is why we will be adding more products to our growing range. Expect to see lots more products soon.

Where can you buy Beard Juice

Currently Beard Juice products are only available from our online store. We plan on stocking in select barbers, salons ad retail outlets in the near future, but right now we are all about making new products.

Beard Oil uk

Who is Beard Juice

Beard Juice is the brain child of owner Wayne Pollard, from a love of the facial hair, and a desire to produce his own oil, with his choice of blended carrier oils and and scent.

“Having fairly coarse and unruly facial hair, to manage it and grow it I needed a quality product. Having used lots of beard oils from many different companies and admittedly there are some very good brands out there, I still couldn’t find anything that helped me control my beard the way I needed. That’s when Beard Juice was born. A lot of research, a few courses and a shed load of practising. It took a while but after a lot of tweaking I came up with the 7x range. All natural, Organic and bucket loads of natural goodness that finally allowed me to gain control of my face fuzz. The rest as they say……

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