Beard Balm

Beard Balms seem to come in an ever growing consistency, thickness, texture now days and each varies from supplier to supplier.

There is no right or wrong, and as per normal its all down to what works for you and personal preference.

Our 6x range of Beard Balms are on the harder side, compared to the more modern pastes and softer balms.

Beard Balms are generally used to give just a bit more thickness and control to the beard which beard oils dont.

As the beard Balm contains bees wax it brings hold and stability to the beard and helps tame rogue hairs.

For best results use after a shower or when the beard is slightly damp. Can also be used after Beard Oil has been applied.

Rub a finger nail along the Balm to remove a pea sized amount. Then rub between fingers to bring to a smooth texture. Then apply to beard.

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