Beard Beads

Get any 10ml Beard for only £5.00 when purchased with any Beard Bead

Our growing range of Beard Beads shows the ever-growing popularity of this manliest of jewelry.

Our beads come in various shapes and styles with different hole sizes.

The goto hole size for the average Beard Bead is 5mm, however smaller hole sizes such as 3mm allow you to add more beads in your beard, and larger hole sizes can be used for the longer beard requiring only one bead. Its all down to personal preference. It’s best to check the thickness of your hair, and have an idea what look you want to achieve.

Each bead comes with 4 bands to hold the bead in place. 2 clear bands and 2 black bands.

Our Beard Beads are handmade here in the UK using traditional methods made from pewter.