Crowder Watch

Here at Beard Juice we like to think our products, let’s rephrase that. We KNOW our products are the best, and thus we only like to collaborate with the best and like-minded brands. Which is why we have teamed up with Crowder. One of Great Britains finest watch makers.

So why Crowder?

If you take a look at the Crowder Story you can see there is a lot of passion and heartfelt emotion that goes into the making of these watches. There is a story going back 3 generations. There is no focus on current trends or ridiculously oversized watches that weigh as much as a small moon, and scream look at me!

The Crowder watch has timeless style, class, sophistication and speaks volumes about the person wearing them. It isn’t shouting Come Look At Me, it’s merely whispering “here’s the time old chap”.

The watch comes in three styles. A Black dial with a Black and Citrus Nylon Strap. A Silver dial with black leather strap and A blue dial with blue and citrus nylon strap. All watches are a ridiculously generous price of £149. Who needs a £14,000 Breitling!!

We were lucky enough to use all three watches on a Photo Shoot with Brian and his gorgeous Honda CB250 Brat, and have to say the watches feel great around your wrist. Not bulky or anyway near as intrusive as the modern bulky watches. And with riding bikes and wearing gloves the watch doesn’t get in the way. And the presentation box with the ration book style guarantee card, adds all the more class to what already is something to make you stand out from the Crowd(er).

You can get your Crowder watch Here