I spoke a while back about the pricing at Beard Juice and they we were doing everything to keep our prices as low as possible.

Unfortunately we simply cannot continue at these prices, and today we have had no choice but to increase the prices of our core product range.

The simple truth is since our formation in 2015 every single product we purchase to make our products, from base oils to packaging has increased in price. We have tried to absorb these costs, and earlier this year we moved away from the more expensive clear glasses to the slightly cheaper natural (brown) glasses.

But still, the prices of some of our more ‘exotic’ essential oils, and some of the organic base oils are still increasing in price. As we are all about consistency we do not shop around and use different suppliers, as those products can come from different countries and sources, so we like to keep our oils from the same source to ensure our products are identical every time. This practice does somewhat tie us to our suppliers along with their prices, but this is something we are happy to continue with as our product and its consistency is key to our success.

So the 7x range of beards oils has increased from £10.90 to £13.50 for the 30ml and from £5.50 to £7.00 for the 10ml. All other products prices will remain as they are.

In our defence with the price increase and compared to the majority of our competitors prices, we are still offering excellent value with our perfectly blended mix of 5 base oils, and we are still leading the way in Synthetic Free, Cruelty Free and predominantly organic products.