Its probably fair to say I ave been banging on about the Distinguished Gentlemans Ride for quite some time now (sorry). The truth is it has had quite an effect on my life. To the point of going against my fathers wishes from 30+ years ago, dedicating every spare minute and every spare penny on building my bike, all for this one day in September.

And now that day is looming I am still quite a way from being able to actually ride the event. There is still some work to do on the bike, then it needs a MOT. Then I have the motorbike Theroy Test, then the CBT, followed by 4 days physical bike training and lastly the practiall bike test. The pracitical and the CBT mean nothing if I dont pass the theroy, so yes still quite a lot to do!! And lets not forget if I jump all those hurdles I have just over a week to get used to my bike which I have yet to ride.

The intial goal was to participate in the London DGR, and that still is a goal, but as the bike build has taken longer than planned and the bike tests are very close to the big day, i really dont feel confident enough to ride the bike to London on some of the busiest motorways in the UK. So I am going to do the East Kent ride, which is being held in and around Maidstone. This is just a few miles from Beard Juice HQ, so shouldnt be any drama getting there.

SO, in celebration of all things DGR, for a limited time we have brought back the 3-4-2 on all 30ml Beard Oils in the 7X range.

You can get this great deal HERE

On top of that, throughout August and September, for every sale made at Beard Juice we will donate 10%. So together we will be supporting a truley great cause and doing our bit combate Prostate Cancer and mens health issues.

If you want to support me in the DGR, my sponsorship page is HERE

If you are riding in a DGR anywhere in the world, why not become part of Team Beard Juice, lets get as many Beard Juice users accross the globe joining forces.