The All British Beard Oil


Earlier in the year we made a brief announcement that we are working on an ALL British Beard Oil line.

Today we can give a little more information on what to expect.

Its quite a challenge to make a line of Beard Oils that are made from 100% British grown Base and Essential Oils. With the help of some amazing local producers here in Kent we have managed to create a beautiful blend of Base oils, and we will give more details about the blend closer to release date, as it’s something quite special and well we don’t want the competition sniffing around.

The essential oils on the other hand have been a bit more tricky. There are actually an increasing range of essential oils that are grown on these fair Isles, but due to the climate we will never have anything anywhere near as diverse as hotter climates.

It has taken us a fair few months and we have found some excellent British suppliers and we have come up with a few great scents. We still have a fair bit of testing and tweaking to do, but we are close, really close.

We are also introducing a new logo design for this range as we want it to scream “Made in Great Britain” but we are not announcing a release date just yet as we want it to be perfect.