DGR Sponsorship for the 2017 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

So the time has come to start begging and pleading with friends, family and strangers!

As many of you may know I am in the process of rebuilding an old 1986 BMW K100 motorbike, in order to ride in this years Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in London.

The main aim of the ride, (and to be able to enter) which takes places in locations all over the UK and rest of the World, is to raise money for Men’s Health issues.

I make no apologies asking strangers for Cash. Celebrities with millions in their bank accounts seem to do it every other day. I don’t have millions in my bank, and I am also putting in some work to try and get this bike up and running. I hasten to add I have zero mechanical background other than changing wiper blades and filling up the air in the tyres on my car every now and then. Plus I need to get my bike licence. So there are a LOT of hurdles to jump before the big day.


dgr sponsorship
dgr sponsorship
dgr sponsorship
dgr sponsorship

Although this is reaching for the sky somewhat but the organisers of the DGR ( distinguished gentleman’s ride) give out prizes every year to the entrants (world wide) who raise the most money. And some of these prizes are BIG! We are talking 2 Triumph Motorbikes, Belstaff Coats, Zenith Watches, Bespoke Hedon Helmets and more.

So what the plan is, is that if by some miracle I jump all the hurdles, complete the DGR and manage to raise enough money to win a prize, I would then put all the entrants of people who sponsored me and pick a winner who would then win that prize.

So if you feel in the charitable mood why not send a few quid here and you never know together we could both be winners.

Below is the Sponsorship box. Simply enter the amount you would like to give. Then you would need to checkout like a normal transaction.

IF your kind donation is under £10.00 you will need to enter the text dgr in the coupon code box on the checkout page, otherwise you will get charged for postage! Sorry I am working on a better way for this to work!!

Many Thanks to all that are supporting me in this venture.

Wayne Pollard

My Distinguished Gentlemans Ride Sponsorship Page can be found here

If you are riding ina DGR event why not join Team Beard Juice. Lets get a global team of Beard Juice Riders.