Beard Masters from Beard Juice

Beard Masters

At Beard Juice we believe loyalty should be rewarded,.

We want to thank our loyal friends who have stood by us, helped us grow, become bigger, stronger and live by the ‘Never Give In’ mentality.

And as a way of thanking them we have created ‘Beard Masters’

How it Works

Beard Masters will be categorised into three groups. Beard Master, Grand Beard Master and Lord Beard Master

To become a Beard Master you first must register an account at Beard Juice

Beard Master: You must have placed a minimum of three orders at Beard Juice

Grand Beard Master: You must have placed a minimum of six orders at Beard Juice

Lord Beard Master: You must have placed a minimum of 10 orders at Beard Juice

Once you have reached the minimum order threshold you will begin to receive a discount on each further order

Beard Master: 10% off all further orders

Grand Beard Master: 12% off all further orders

Lord Beard Master: 15% off all further orders.

Your account will automatically apply the relevant discounts at checkout and you will also be upgraded to each level as you place the relevant amount of orders.

Along with discounts on orders, we will add your photo to the Beard Master Gallery, give you a shout out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on our Blog.

You will also get priority release on all our new products, giving you the opportunity to purchase our latest creations days before general release.

And there’s more…

Every now and then we will be running give-aways and competitions, photo shoots plus whatever we can think of, all exclusive to the Beard Master Club. Along with exclusive T Shirts and other apparel only available to Beard Master members.

As the Beard Master Club grows we will add more and more features, discounts and give-aways.

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